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Tanya Singh
Known for scaling and building Innovative First Mover Products, Teams, Brands and Communications across Tech innovations globally. Artista.

Lessons on disrupting a system which was built to hold you back — Dealing with Biases in Negotiations.

Do you think life is a meritocracy?

Work hard, do a good job and someone will notice? For many of you, someone does notice for the first 5–7 years or so of your career.

And then something happens.

Suddenly you don’t feel as though the playing field is level any longer, and you wonder if something is just off kilter with your own value set or if it’s something you haven’t figured out yet.

That’s what I’ve observed in the 12+…

If you are reading this — please note that this is years of personal experiences and being my own science experiment — without quoting too much. I could have written an industry blog, but since we live in a country of voyeurism — I figured lets “ride the wave” (Pun intended)

India is like EU in many ways, so culturally diverse and with each culture ranging from Patriarchal, neutral to Matriarchal belief systems, it is Natural that parenting and early conditioning plays a huge part in the way we form relationships and evolve with the environment around us.


Let’s start with some definitions → Toxic Positivity : Please click on links to read.

There is too much data around Human behavioural economics, none about Values and personal expression and most people will end up ignoring the simple Fact that “Health is wealth”

This relates to hormones and state of mind — If you are not happy yourself, how do you even attempt to ensure someone else’s?

If you are not present, how do you expect someone else to offer you the same?

By the way — Fine line between Personal boundaries and being Selfish.

So what does…

Is romance dead?

Virtual dates have replaced walks, you cant take holidays or go out for drinks and dinner anymore, so how do you get the human experience really ?

Bumble/Hinge/Tinder : The Match Groups?

A new Age research story by an Old School Romantic

Urban Dictionary : The subtle art of revealing the hidden sexiness inherent in all things. It’s a movement.

Yeah right … the only time “sexiness” was hidden is pre-historic times really…There is hardly any novelty anymore….I question the above on “Hidden” ….because …

The Holocaust of your local book stores, and Libraries !

Being Born to a mother who is a Masters in Library Science…I practically was raised in a Library!

Life felt like it came full circle as I purchased a subscription of Perlego on my Mac this weekend….amidst the secondary wave of lockdowns;

Sighing as I reminisce the oh! so familiar smell — of the pages of my childhood memories with books…and the sudden overdrive of reading I have dived into…I write this piece.

Sectors outside Publishing and how they impact the Industry


Books, though not officially an “essential good,”…

Before we start talking about how you can optimise and popularise your campaign,

Lets US :

Write a Video Ad People Actually Want to Watch;

Because promotions dont work if the Content isn’t great you know :)

I know it seems really straightforward, but let’s be honest, when was the last time you watched all the way through a YouTube ad?

(at least, when YouTube gave you an option to “skip ad”).

Most marketing videos are just plain bad.

On the other hand, a great marketing video makes you want to keep watching, even after the “skip video” option shows up, so focus on the first …..5 seconds of your Video advertisement.

Now, before I lose your interest, let’s cut to the chase and get into exactly how to write a video ad that people actually…

PART 1 — Why Youtube, Say No to TV, Get data insights, and Ads

No matter how good your video ad content is, without the right YouTube advertising strategy, it can be hard to get good results from your video campaigns.

Unless you already have a big social media following, posting your video on Facebook or YouTube might get you a few thousand views, but if you really want your video ad to be seen, you need to run it on YouTube.

However, while YouTube ad campaigns are set up and run through Google AdWords, YouTube advertising is very different…

Was 2020 a simulation ?

Do you count your success by the number of followers you have ?

Will you soon have a chip inside of you, and are your Mobile phones, Alexa and Laptop monitoring every conversation already?

How are Paypal, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Tesla connected?

Is your understanding of reality — unreal?

When was the last time you checked your relationship with other species like Plants, and animals, and the sea around you ?

Were you scared when your close relatives got Covid, how did you approach this problem?

When was the last time you gave someone a Hug without the fear of contracting disease?

(A SERIES OF GLOBALLY REAL conspiracy…….. …

Tanya Singh

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